Latest release of Win 10, DISM correct (verified) Images file, says file has no icons in it
Published on February 22, 2020 By DanMS In Object Desktop

With the latest 1909 Win 10 updates and no other update-related Windows errors, Icon Packager shows only one Icon for the default Windows icon set.  When choosing to apply "these" icons, all icons except one are empty on the desktop.  How can I apply the default Icons?

on Feb 22, 2020

Sorry to hear you are having issues. Need more information.

1) Windows 10 full version numbers. Please use Winver.exe for full version numbers.

2) Icon Packager version numbers.

3) When you applied the "Windows Default Icons" by Microsoft. Can you post your Windows Explorer screenshot to see if it indeed be blank or back to default Microsoft Windows icons set.


Stardock Community Assistant.

on Feb 22, 2020

Hmm.   User error?  I swear it was doing that for nearly a week, then today: NOT.  Then, I see I got another Win update last night.  Smoke and mirrors, most certainly.

Carry on.